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TweetsResume: The Twitter-Enabled Real-Time Resume

A TweetsResume contains a continuously updatable field to display the last tweets of the individual. The field is automatically updated each time the resume (word document) is opened, and can be manually updated by double clicking an update button embedded in the document.

Now a twesume can be embedded into a Word resume and distributed using standard HR practices.

TweetsResume was recognized by Career Director’s International with a 2012 Career Innovation Award. TweetsResume was originally named Twitteresume.

TweetsResume creates a living, real-time document that is quickly and easily customized throughout the job search. Using Twitter as an update mechanism works well in many different job search circumstances:

These are a few compelling examples of situations in which a readily customizable resume has impact. In today’s hiring market, it is common for candidates to attend multiple interviews; each time the resume is opened, the newest tweets will be front and center.

TweetsResume is a fast and easy way to customize a resume on the fly to fit particular positions, opportunities, and circumstances, and to determine a culture fit for the organization. The only alternative way to add a RSS Twitter feed to a Word document is by linking to a web page, a link that requires action by the reader and substantially reduces the probability that real-time communications will be viewed.  Embedding an updatable tweets field in the resume creates a stronger message by putting the current tweets in a prominent place on the resume.

Resume writers are able to offer their clients a modern, state-of-the-art resume that makes a positive impression and helps applicants to truly stand out in a crowd. Career professionals can help their clients to use Twitter to establish their brand and unique identity, and they can coach clients to keep a majority of their tweets on-brand, professional, and employment-supporting.

 “The TweetsResume is a powerful and particularly creative way to use social media. It helps job applicants to establish an ongoing connection with prospective employers. This is a fundamental shift away from the limits of traditional resumes – essentially changing the resume from one-way communication to dialog.”  

David Wells, IT Consultant and industry analyst with years of experience as a hiring manager, and organizer of the Social Analytics Symposium

“TweetsResume is a creative tool that helps transform a static resume into a real-time, dynamic branding document. Clients derive value from the ability to showcase their expertise and bolster their credibility in the market by customizing their resume as they proceed through their job search.”

Stephen Van Vreede, resume writer

“This is the first compelling reason I’ve found to get involved with Twitter. I always thought that Twitter was for more personal communications. Embedding my tweets in my resume will let me customize my job search. I can now highlight all the reasons why I’m different from other marketing managers.”

Jonathan Wolt, a job seeker

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